To nurture the healing process of parents who are experiencing the loss of an infant through empathy and comfort.

Little Guardian Corp. wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.



Here at Little Guardian Corp., we are driven by a single goal; To nurture the healing process of parents who are experiencing the loss of an infant through empathy and comfort.



As Little Guardian Corp. We provide support to all parents, during their hospital stay that are experiencing the loss of an infant. 
Our goal is to nurture these parents in their grieving and healing process, though education and support, by providing comfort baskets and outreach resources.




We accept donations of:

  • Box of tissue (Soft)

  • ChapStick (non flavored)

  • Hand Sanitizer (non scented, travel size)

  • Lotion (non scented, travel size)

  • Deoderant (non scented, travel size)

  • Coffee (individual packs)

  • Tea (individual packs)

  • 12 oz bottled water

  • Hair ties

  • $Cash $

  • Please keep in mind when choosing items, some of our parents relate smells and taste with an unpleasant events, we do not want them to have a reminder of their loss every time they smell lavender. Also keep in mind the colors that are chosen as well, bright colors are not appropriate, however pastels work great.



Being a Labor and Delivery nurse I have seen first hand the difference support and a comfort basket can make, it gives the caregiver and parents a deeper connection. The parents feel comfort in knowing that we as caregivers are empathetic and understand the loss of an infant is not an easy. Most caregivers wish that they could do more, the comfort baskets help us go that extra mile. Comfort Baskets help open doors for communication between parents and caregiver. Open communication helps the parents begin to heal, by letting the parents express their emotions and voice their concerns. The healing process is a very long one, one with no end for most parents. My mother lost two children over 37 years ago, back then infant loss was not talked about , and was actually hushed. I have seen my mother suffer in silence for many years, and I think to myself maybe it would have been different for her if there was open communication and support at the moment she was going through her loss. As you can see some parents turn to drug and alcohol abuse, even worse some parents have committed suicide. Early interventions, communication and acceptance can help parents begin to heal.  Providing our parents with resources to help them continue to heal during this time is imperative. Helping one parent realize they are not alone and people do care could literally save their family and maybe their life. We as caregivers are often the only people parents want to talk to because they know we care, after all that is why we are caregivers.


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